How to Build a Survival Kit

Building a survival kit can mean something different to different people and there is certainly no shortage of opinions on what should be included in a kit. But before you can even begin to build your own you have to honestly answer the question of what this kit is for. Intention is everything in building a kit. A bush pilot needs a very different kit then the casual day hiker. Also, lets not confuse survival Read More »

How To Make Sleeping In A Tent More Comfortable - Sleeping Better Than At Home

We recently went on a family camping trip and my pregnant wife didn’t have that good of time sleeping in the tent. Partly my fault, obviously I do not understand what it is like to be in that condition while camping.  In addition, I am usually fairly comfortable as long as I stay warm and have any type of sleeping pad. Anything else I can make due with. This made me come home and think, Read More »