Heating a Tent Without Electricity

Camping is a great way to enjoy Mother Nature and all her beauty.  While you want to experience the outdoors, you don’t need to spend your nights in the freezing cold.  Even summertime camping can get uncomfortably cold. If you’re looking to heat your tent without using electricity, several options are available.  But there are … Read more

Tick Season? No Worries.

Here in northwest PA I have encountered ticks in January, but that’s rare.  It seems that spring and fall have the highest tick numbers and we know that some ticks carry Lyme disease.  Lyme is caused by bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi.  Now, I don’t really know what that means, but it sounds pretty bad.  So … Read more

How Thick Should A Bushcraft Knife Be?

The thickness of a bushcraft knife really comes down to personal preference.  People posting on bushcraft forums or that you meet in person at bushcraft meets will often debate the topic and these discussions can become heated.  People are passionate about gear and some are stubborn that only one correct answer  exists. I am not … Read more

Part #2 – How Not To Get Lost and Be Okay If You Do.

Today we’re going to talk about ways to keep yourself orientated and unlost in the woods.  For those of you that have in fact become lost in the woods since our last discussion, well, feed your fire, blow your whistle, someone will be with you shortly.  The best way to keep yourself on the right path … Read more

How Not To Get Lost, and Be Ok If You Do

Its finally spring.    We all have a little cabin fever and every body is looking forward to getting outside. So now’s a good time for a little refresher on how not to get ourselves lost in the woods,  and how to handle it if we do.    What’s number one on the checklist to come home safe?   This … Read more

A Look At Winter Camping

Thinking of that dark forth season conjures up pictures of iced over lakes, snow covered hemlocks, silent seemingly empty hardwood forests and rivers running with floating cakes of ice.  Most campers have put their gear away and wont venture out again until May.  But those of us that accept the challenges and possible discomforts of … Read more

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