How Not To Get Lost, and Be Ok If You Do

Its finally spring.    We all have a little cabin fever and every body is looking forward to getting outside. So now's a good time for a little refresher on how not to get ourselves lost in the woods,  and how to handle it if we do.    What's number one on the checklist to come home safe?   This first item is as basic as it gets but we are all  guilty of disregarding this safety precaution from time Read More »

A Look At Winter Camping

Thinking of that dark forth season conjures up pictures of iced over lakes, snow covered hemlocks, silent seemingly empty hardwood forests and rivers running with floating cakes of ice.  Most campers have put their gear away and wont venture out again until May.  But those of us that accept the challenges and possible discomforts of winter camping know its a great time of year to be out. The bugs and most of the people are Read More »

Camping, It’s A Relative Term

"I'm going camping this weekend." These days that can mean a lot of different things.  Let me give you a couple of examples from opposite ends of "camping," then we'll fill in the middle. Several summers ago I had the pleasure of meeting and spending some time talking with a wonderful retired couple, Hope and Fran.  Fran has been a woodsman all his life.  He has hunted with a bow and rifle in many parts of Read More »

Packing For Tent Camping – What To Pack and Where To Start

If you are a new camper deciding what to pack, how much of it to pack and what to pack it in can be a little overwhelming. Maybe its weekend family car camping at a commercial campground. Maybe its dispersed camping in a remote area. Or hiking and you will be camping a few nights on the trail.

[Buying Guide] Best Sleeping Bags For Your Outdoor Adventures

When I first starting backcountry camping, I brought a wool blanket with me for my first outing. I figured if the old timers used them it would be good enough for me.

As it started getting dark I crawled into my tent rolled out my wool blanket and crawled under for the night. Shortly after, I realized I was probably going to have a miserable nights sleep. The blanket was too short, I could not wrap it properly and was unable to cover both my feet and my shoulders at the same time.