Bushcraft/Woodsman Courses

Bushcraft/Woodsmanship Day or Weekend Courses

Course Content Includes:

Survival/ well being in the outdoors:Water, the importance of hydration in survival. Where to find water and how to purify it.

Fire Craft:

Outdoor Clothing:

The importance of making the right choices for comfort and survival.​Camp Cooking

Sheltercraft and Construction

Shelter, useful tarp setups for camping or emergency shelter.

Emergency natural material shelter construction.

Bushcraft/ Woodsman Tools

Introduction, safety and selectionPlant Identification

Useful plants and trees for building, fuel, nutrition, cordage, etc.And more.One day course, 9am to 5pm. $95 per person. Minimum of three people.Weekend two day course, noon Friday to noon Sun. $200 per person, three personminimum.

For more information email or call 1-814-673-8792

Under 18 years of age must be accompanied by parent or guardian unless member of Boy or Girl Scouts of America and accompanied by troop and adult leadership.