What Happened to Bushcraft Heroes?

by Derrick | Last Updated: August 10, 2023

We all enjoy watching various YouTube channels and almost become friends with them over the years and months that we watch them.  Unfortunately, over time some channels quit making videos which make viewers wonder what the heck happened to their favorite YouTubers.

Bushcraft Heroes was a YouTube channel run by Matt, Bow, and Reuben. The first video on the Bushcraft Heroes channel was posted on February 17, 2015, and the most recent video posted on the channel was September 11, 2019.  However, they haven’t posted regularly since April of 2018.

You can tell fans of the channel were disappointed in not being able to watch more Bushcraft Hereos videos. When you visit the channel’s Facebook page numerous people are asking where they went and when the next video is coming out, but the one thing you do not see is any official posts detailing why the videos suddenly stopped or when/if they will ever start up again.

This will only allow us to speculate why the channel stopped releasing videos and if they will start up again.

Speculation On Reasons Why They May Have Quit Making Videos

1) Amount of Work

Making videos for YouTube is a lot of work. A couple of buddies of mine, Joe Robinet and Wendell Adams run some successful Youtube channels and they put a ton of work into brainstorming content, filming, and editing video.

This is time that they are away from family and friends or doing other things that life demands. 

2) Money vs Time Doesn’t Add Up

Running a YouTube channel can be expensive, from cameras, computers, and software to produce the videos, to paying for travel and gear to get out and bushcraft. It can add up with very little reward from sponsors and/or ad revenue until a channel gets really big. 

Some say you shouldn’t make money from a channel and should do it for the love of making content.  While this is true for some, having a YouTube channel is like having a part-time job (and one that doesn’t pay very well at that).

Having three guys with a channel the size of Bushcraft Heroes they likely weren’t making any real money, letting alone enough to split three ways.

3) Creative Differences

Again this is just speculation on my part but having a channel with three individuals can be tough. Partnerships, in general, can be tough.  Maybe one of the guys was tired of making videos or just simply wanted to move on, or they didn’t see eye to eye on the direction of the channel.

4) Running Out Of Content Ideas

This is another possibility as over time making many videos can be harder and harder to come up with something new.  Maybe they just no longer had ideas to film.

5) Wanted To Just Enjoy Bushcraft as a Hobby Versus Having To Film

Like I said earlier filming is a lot of work. Potentially they just got tired of filming and wanted to enjoy nature for what it is without filming every minute of it.


In conclusion, we may never know why someone quits YouTube, or where they went unless they want to share.  Bushcraft Heroes is no different. They haven’t commented to date on what is going on or why they quit posting and I doubt they ever will.

I also doubt they will start posting again. Once a channel gets so old without activity it is hard to build the desire to start posting again. It is also hard to get the same level of user engagement on YouTube as many viewers have moved on to other channels.