Can You Hunt Squirrels When It’s Windy?

by Derrick | Last Updated: January 22, 2023

Hunting squirrels when windy can be challenging as the wind can make it difficult for the hunter to hear the squirrels and for the squirrels to hear the hunter. Additionally, the wind can affect the bullet’s trajectory, making it more challenging to hit the target. We can all agree with still days are often the better days to hunt squirrels.

Wind Is Too Much For Squirrel Hunting?

Wind can be a significant factor in the success or failure of squirrel hunting. A light breeze of 12 mph will generally not affect them too much, but the squirrels become more spooked and watchful if the gusts reach 23 mph or higher. As a result, they may still come out to feed, but they’re more likely to move less and stay alert while outside.

Things get especially tricky when wind speeds reach 23 mph. In these conditions, the squirrels may stop coming out, leaving hunters with few options for success except for late evening/dusk when winds are low enough for them to venture out again.

For successful squirrel hunting, it’s essential to always keep an eye on wind conditions and adjust your approach accordingly. In high wind speeds, it’s best to wait until later in the day when they have died down before approaching the area. Doing so can significantly increase your chances of spotting and bagging a few furry critters!

Benefits Of A Windy Day Hunt

The wind helps mask your scent, making it easier for you not to be detected by the squirrels.

It also helps scatter the acorns and nuts they feed on, making them easier to spot.

How To Increase The Chance Of Success

To increase the chances of success, a hunter may choose to hunt in an area with natural windbreaks, such as dense foliage or rocky terrain, to reduce the impact of the wind.

They may also choose to hunt when the wind is blowing in a consistent direction, as this can help the hunter predict the movement of the squirrels.

We will touch on this further down, but you need to account for wind direction while squirrel hunting; this will help you predict squirrel movement and take things into account, such as bullet trajectory.

Some additional essential hunting tips can increase your chances of a successful squirrel hunt.

Often with any hunting, I have had success doing what I call “the grind,” staying out longer than usual in an area and trying to pattern their behavior.

Best Times to Hunt on Windy Days

Windy days can be a great time to go squirrel hunting as long as you plan your hunt for the correct times. Early morning and late evening are the best times to hunt squirrels since they are most active during these hours. This is when they will be out of their dens looking for food, making them easier to spot.

Additionally, the wind is usually calmer during these times, giving hunters an advantage. Planning your hunt for these optimal times can increase your chances of success on windy days.

Wind and Squirrel Behavior

Squirrels, like other animals’ behavior, will change based on environmental conditions, including the wind.

Squirrels may change their behavior when it is windy to adapt to the conditions. For example, they may move around more to forage for food, as the wind can make it more difficult to find food in their usual foraging areas. They may also stay closer to the ground to avoid being blown around by the wind.

Additionally, the wind may make it more difficult for squirrels to hear and smell predators, which could make them more active and less cautious. However, they may also seek shelter in dens or thick vegetation when it is exceptionally windy; you will often see the squirrels hunker down in the crooks of branches to help protect themselves from the wind and risk getting blown out of a tree.

This can often make getting a shot at them difficult, so remaining patient and waiting for the right time can be essential.

Safety Considerations For Hunting Squirrels (Especially In Windy Conditions)

When squirrel hunting, it is essential to take safety precautions to ensure the safety of yourself and others. Some safety considerations to keep in mind include the following:

Wrapping Up

Squirrel hunting in windy conditions can be a tricky endeavor. While strong winds can make hunting more complicated, some squirrels will still venture out in search of food – but they will often seek shelter or hunker down to protect themselves from the wind. By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be able to have an enjoyable and successful trip.